Welcome speech Dr.Vuong Bao Thy – Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences University of Cuu Long - Vietnam

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
  First of all, I would like to express I am so pleased to be here with you in Cultural international conference on SKT this morning.
My name Vuong Bao Thy, I am Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences – University of Cuu Long (UCL) – Vietnam.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce briefly about our university. University of Cuu Long is the first non-public university in the Mekong Delta, established in 2000, with modern facilities meeting the needs of graduate and undergraduate training and located in the area of 22.5 hectares.

   With 20 years of establishment and development, UCL has been prestigious for its noteworthy contribution to the fields of education and training at Mekong Delta. UCL has 13 faculties, 8 functional offices, and many others intitutes, centers, companies. The university offers 5 master programs in Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Finance and Banking, Vietnamese linguistic and Food Technology and 26 programs for bachelor’s degrees.

   Up to now, UCL has trained nearly 26,000 Bachelors, Engineers and 611 Masters. The rate of students having jobs after graduation is always high, over 90%. Many alumni, students, are now holding key positions in enterprises, agencies, organizations and society. UCL has been awarded many titles by organizations in the political system and national organizations such as Vietnamese human resources, Vietnam Gold Brand in 2020, Gold quality products and services for the benefit of consumers in 2020, Top 10 Vietnamese brands in 2020, Record of the university with largest solar power plants in Vietnam.

   On December 15, 2020, University of Cuu Long was honored to receive the third-class Labor Medal awarded by the State President.

   University of Cuu Long is continuing to affirm its role as a prestigious and high-quality training, scientific research and technology transfer center in the Mekong Delta, in the country and in Southeast Asia.

   Mission: University of Cuu Long is a multi-disciplinary, an application-oriented university, with the mission of training and providing highly qualified human resources to meet social needs; is the center of research and transfer of techniques, technology and culture in the Mekong Delta and the whole country, serving the cause of industrialization, modernization and international integration.

   Vision: By the year 2025, the University of Cuu Long will become a high-quality and prestigious center for training, scientific research and technology transfer in the Mekong Delta By the year 2030, it will become a prestigious University in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia area.

   Goal: University of Cuu Long aims to “Train bachelors and engineers at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate in multi-disciplinary and multi-field who possess solid political attitudes, pure ethics, in-depth scientific knowledge and awareness of serving country and people”.

   Core values: “Virtues - Knowledge - People - Integration”
   Educational philosophy: “Learn for knowledge – Learn for career – Learn for nation”. With the training motto “Ethics - Knowledge – Nation - Integration”, the University of Cuu Long aims to become a training center for bachelors and engineers with high expertise, good ethics, and national spirit. The university’s message is: “Education and science must be associated with the practice". The University of Cuu Long, therefore, regularly updates the training program, innovates the teaching methods, and applies scientific and technical advances, so that the University of Cuu Long will become the great human resources training center in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country. The University of Cuu Long strives to enhance the reputation of itself, spreads the core value “Ethnics - Knowlege – Nation – Integration” more onto real life; as well as develop a comprehensive education which is associated with the reality and social needs to gradually turn Vietnam into a modern industrial country.”

   Having good relationships with various universities across the country, University of Cuu Long has invited professors, and well-known experts at prestigious universities and leading research institutes, to join the teaching staff. University of Cuu Long has also paid due attention to the HRD strategy on fostering its enthusiastic young talents for the future. In addition, the University has developed rewarding policies and satisfactory remuneration to attract and develop teams of best faculties.

   Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the biggest faculties of University of Cuu Long with two majors: Nursing and Medical Testing techniques. Besides, we have Faculty of Medicine. The total number of lectures of these faculties is more than 100 professors, associate professors and doctors. The total number of students of these faculties is currently more than 4000 students. Up to now, more than 1500 students have graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences and all of them have working in hospitals, public and private medical facilities in Mekong Delta region and the whole country.

   Today, on behalf of Faculty of Health Sciences – University of Cuu Long, I am pleased to send my greetings to all professors from universities, institutes, faculties in this conferences, both onsite and online. I hope, in the future, in addition to promote training programs for health sciences at University of Cuu Long, the Faculty of Health Sciences will have opportunities to develop and expand links with universities, institutes, and international centers in the field of health care to cooperate for scientific research, exchange of lecturers and students, short-term training courses to improve the professional qualifications of lectures as well as health workers, to meet the increasing demand for health care of the people. For example, we hope to cooperate with Prof. Dr. Somporn Kantharaduss Triamchaisri for short training course of Meditation healing exercise SKT 5 to build immunity against Covid-19 in community. I believe it is not only helpful for professional qualifications for our lectures but also useful for our community, especially during Covid-19 epidemic. This is also an opportunity for the lectures, reseachers and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences who are teaching, working and studying at University of Cuu Long to approach reality more and more, learn and exchange experiences, increase professional skills and have more job opportunities.
I appreciate and look forward to receiving your cooperation in health care via my address as follows:

Dr. Vuong Bao Thy
Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cuu Long - Vietnam
E-mail [email protected]
Finally, I would like to thank you the Board of Organization of Cultural international conference on SKT, especially, Prof. Dr. Somporn Kantharaduss Triamchaisri give me the opportunity to have short talk today.
I wish all of you healthy, safety and happy forever.
Thanks so much for your listening!